NHP Wildcats

Pre Travel Soccer

U7 & U8 Pre Travel (Developmental Program)

Our developmental program is designed for players who are looking for a bit more.  These teams will train and compete in a similar fashion to our travel teams and provide them with valuable playing experience.   The commitment should not be taken lightly, as players who choose this option will have to fulfill both their intramural and developmental team responsibilities, including playing two games on some weekends. 

As a community program, we want to meet every soccer player where they are. Those who develop a bit more quickly than average or who are extra enthusiastic about the beautiful game may look to enhance their experience by playing on a supplemental travel team in the Developmental Program. All players who choose the developmental option will be assigned to a team based on their developmental level, and they will receive professional training from a SUSA trainer on a weekly basis, as well as in-game instruction from the trainer.


Program Details:

  • Only registered NHP Wildcat intramural players may register for Developmental Soccer. Developmental players must play on both of their assigned intramural and developmental teams. It is not acceptable for players to play in Developmental games while missing Intramural games. Missing an Intramural game will forfeit the player’s ability to play in the Developmental game that weekend unless an exception has been granted by the Division Director or an Intramural Commissioner. 
  • Teams will compete against other soccer clubs within Nassau County.
  • Participation is dependent on registration numbers.  Each roster will have about 6 to 8 players for a 4v4 game format.
  • The developmental team requires a much higher level of commitment than just the intramural game. 
  • Developmental team participation includes one day of SUSA professional soccer training and game day with SUSA coaching instruction.


Registration fee – $225 + intramural fee of $165 totaling $390 


SUSA Training Dates & Times

Boys Practice Days: Wednesdays – 5:30 to 6:45 PM

Girls Practice Days: Thursdays – 5:30 to 6:45 PM


Sunday Game Dates (Times & Locations TBD) – 3/24, 4/14, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, 6/9


Training Session Location – Denton Ave School – 1050 Denton Ave New Hyde Park NY 11040